A checkpoint in a software developer’s career with Sadin Pita

A checkpoint in a software developer’s career with Sadin Pita

Date: September 5, 2022 Author: Walter Code

A software developer’s career starts with the first few lines of code. Through hard work and dedication, it scales to something much more complex and interesting.

Walter Code’s employee, Sadin Pita, has recently celebrated the 4th anniversary of his work with us, and we decided to interview him about his career path so far. Let’s see what he has to say about a career as a software developer in Walter Code!

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Sadin Pita, I am 25 years old and was born in Munich, Germany. I live in Sarajevo, where I graduated from the High School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Computing and Informatics, which marked the beginning of my software developer career.

I later studied at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, in the Department of Mathematics, Theoretical Computer Science, for two years — before dropping out and starting work as a developer!

In my free time, I practice martial arts, which have been my style of life for over 15 years now. For me, it’s been incredibly impactful in the way that it helped me build my spirit, my character, and my confidence both in sports, and business!

Holding a blue belt in Brazilian jiujitsu, as well as a black belt in taekwondo, with over 60 medals from taekwondo as well, just a confirmation that I thoroughly enjoyed it! Besides the two that I have mentioned, I learned about boxing and wrestling, as well.

Besides his business behavior, Sadin is one very approachable, friendly guy!

How did you start your career in programming?

My first contact with programming was way back in elementary school, in informatics classes. Later on, when most of my peers went ahead and enrolled in gymnasiums, I decided to enroll in a technical school, as it was an opportunity to learn about something that I was interested in, and it may have been the first moment when I figured out what I was going to do in my life. As a logical next step, I chose Computer Science and Informatics as my major, mostly because it had more programming than any other choice!

One of the most helpful steps I took toward a career in IT at that point is that I started exploring and learning more about new technologies via the Internet, and I started educating myself about various platforms and programming languages.

Quickly after that, I started making websites and developing desktop applications. As I was a gamer myself, I was also interested in game development, so I decided to find out more about it, and I have learned the basics of modeling, game design, and similar details through my affection for creating something out of nothing and using your creativity to do it. For me, it was always interesting to have others use, or play, something that you’ve developed, as I enjoy seeing their reactions. Additionally, throughout my high school days, I was curious about graphic design and digital art, and I learned more about video editing, visual effects, animations, etc.

After graduating from the High School of Electrical Engineering, I enrolled in the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, where I learned more about various mathematics, but also about programming, which I was more comfortable with than the math itself.

How did you first learn about Walter Code?

At the Faculty of Science and Mathematics, mathematics plays an important role and is covered thoroughly. For me, it wasn’t logical to be heading down that road, as I was more interested in finding opportunities for practical knowledge to be gained, so I decided to apply for the Angular course organized by Walter Code through collaboration with Academy387 sometime in the second year of my studies.

At that time, Walter Code was offering an interview opportunity at the end of the course, along with an opportunity to get hired for those showing the best results, so that was my biggest motivation to go ahead and start the course, where I ended up learning about frameworks and also approaching project as a programmer.

My high hopes and great motivation were awarded, as I managed to impose myself as the best candidate of the course, and after a successful interview, I landed my first job, as a software developer, which for me was a big deal! I finally got the chance to do what I love, after countless hours of self-teaching, and showing great interest in it(IT).

As per default, I had a probation period, which I used to further prove my knowledge, show that I am well acquainted with the job I am doing, and showcase my problem-solving skills, presentation skills, and professionalism.

Oh yeah, I dropped out of faculty at that point, as I was more than eager to gain working experience and actually do some programming on real projects. For me, it was inevitable to drop out, as I had shown great motivation to work and grow professionally. At the time, I had communicated that to Walter Code, as well, stressing that it was my decision and choice to pursue a career and learn through experience.

Plenty of space in our office to choose from!

Okay, you got the job, tell us more about that experience.

The first year of my work was very dynamic, as I worked on a project that showed great potential at the time, which led to my quick development, lots of bugs solved, and an opportunity to show my character through work — to my colleagues, as well as clients!

Two years in, I joined a team that worked on an international project for a client from Sweden. It helped me grow my knowledge of business in general, new technologies, as well as approach and coordination with the client.

Today, I work as Software Engineer, focusing on managing the Frontend Development operations within my team. We are currently working on a rewrite of an app together with the implementation of new technologies. The current position I’m in allows me to coordinate the organization of the frontend part of the project, and present new features and solutions, and I am glad that my creativity and ability to present are being expressed more!

What would you say attracted you to the position of a Software Engineer in the first place?

My interest in the position of a Software Engineer came with time, as a product of dedicated work, effort, and learning. I never knew exactly which role that would be, but I was always interested in technology and computers. My creativity was always something I loved to express, and the process of making something, and programming it further, it always sounded interesting to me.

How to develop my ideas through programming and the IT world — that’s something I often asked myself.

This is what working in a casual atmosphere looks like

Do you have a message for aspiring programmers?

It all comes down to your dedication, willingness to learn, and the interest you show in programming, testing, or any other IT-related matter. If you check all of the previously-mentioned and believe in yourself, with the hard work you put in, it is only a matter of time before your breakthrough will come.

We live in a time when knowledge is more available than ever, but that isn’t enough. Being able to develop a strong discipline is incredibly important, I would say, as that would be the difference between seizing the opportunity, and missing on it.

Learning how to use Google to your advantage is one of the tips I would also mention throughout this process of learning, it’s almost a must! It was my first choice of finding solutions for my coding problems because I was trying to self-teach myself, not only coding but other stuff regarded technology.

Lastly, there are a lot of opportunities in the IT world, the search for programmers is always on, and I encourage you to sign up for courses, internships, and workshops — not only does it ensure further development and learning, but it also allows you to network with people who think the same way and these connections may be even more valuable than the courses themselves.