Anida Begovic – How Does  Staying at Home Make Our Team Even More Productive?

Anida Begovic – How Does Staying at Home Make Our Team Even More Productive?

Date: March 24, 2020

Working remotely has become commonplace in today’s work environment, especially in the latest time, due to the coronavirus outbreak. But there are many other positive impacts from remote work beyond slowing down the advance of the virus. With the ease of plugging in and connecting from just about anywhere, employees have the flexibility and convenience of working from their home. Also, it cuts commute time and improves productivity. Our software test engineer, Anida Begović, gave us some answers regarding this topic. From her standpoint, working from home can have even better results when it comes to team productivity.

1. How long have you been working for Walter Code and what is your current position?

I have been working as a QA engineer in Walter Code for a year now.

2. How does remote working influence your work performance?

As for work performance, it has had only a positive influence: I spend more time working than on an average day at the office. Because of this particular situation of #stayinghome, I tend to lose track of time and work past working hours. I am more focused on work since I don’t have many distractions aside.

3. How does it influence the spirit of your team?

We still work hard, but we also put extra effort into nurturing our team relationships as they are of great importance for us, now more than ever.

4. What tools are the most helpful for you while working remotely?

Since the communication with the team and other co-workers is now possible only through online tools, the audio and video call features come in handy while working, as well as for online coffee breaks. We mostly use Slack, Skype and Microsoft Teams.

5. In your opinion, what would be major reasons why remote work can lead to an increase in productivity?

No time is lost on commuting. While working from home, there are fewer distractions during work hours, so everyone’s more focused. As the offices are in our rooms and everything we need is around us, we are more relaxed while working and I think that’s the biggest advantage.

6. What were your most common after-work activities in the last 10 days?

I have game-nights with my family and calls with family members located in different parts of the world, or the town for that matter.

7. What would you recommend us on how to #stayhome and have fun?

Binge-watch that TV show you love, turn the music on and clean your house, practice yoga to keep calm and read books. Once this is all over, what is the thing you will wish you had done while being home? Enroll in that online course and gain some new skills.