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We are all about breaking boundaries: in work, relationships and technology.

At Walter Code

We are breaking boundaries between smart technology solutions and industries, based on the existing opportunities for improvement. Our major strength lies in our employees. By shaping their skills, and providing innovative knowledge to all the employees, Walter Academy strengthens the company’s internal capabilities, focusing on client needs, innovative approach to business and creative problem solving.


Fruit days, happy hours, and yoga classes are regularly organized for all the internal staff, once a week. These events produce a stronger corporate community, positive working environment and trust among colleagues.

Internal courses ensure all of the internal resources to be prepared for new challenges and most innovative projects offered on the market. Education provides better skills, knowledge, career advancement options, higher quality and professionalism offered to clients.

Walter Code is giving an opportunity to each of its employees to be recognized for their work and contribution, highlighting the positive stories during meetups and presentations organized on a weekly basis.


Team building



We never miss commitments or fail to tell the whole truth. Practice transparency and agility in work. Clients problems are only challenges. We offer solutions.

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