Emina Mehić – Internship at Walter Code as a Springboard to My Future Career

Emina Mehić – Internship at Walter Code as a Springboard to My Future Career

Date: May 15, 2020

Walter Code internship offers the chance to learn by doing, while being supervised by a work-place professional, with the opportunity to achieve your own learning goals, even though you do not have the responsibilities of being a permanent employee. Beside gaining technical knowledge, Walter Code interns have an opportunity to meet new people and practice networking skills while establishing a network of professional contacts, mentors, and references. Emina Mehić, a current intern at Walter Code, describes her journey through the Walter Code internship program.

1. How long have you been doing your internship at Walter Code?

I had the opportunity to grow and improve my skills by doing a full time internship at Walter Code. I have been here for four months so far and I am very happy to start my career in a company such as Walter Code.

2. What are your responsibilities at Walter Code?

During the internship program, I made up my mind and chose to work on the front end side. As every Junior Front End Developer I am responsible for implementing visual elements that users see and use to interact with a web application. The internship program makes me able to create the interactive part of the web, by creating components that can send and receive data from the Back End server using one of the most powerful, efficient, and open-source JavaScript framework – React, and also Redux.

3. Describe a project you are engaged on and the technologies and methodologies you are using on it!

All the projects I have been engaged on so far, during my internship at Walter Code, are real-life projects and that is definitely something that is pushing me hard to give my maximum and finish all my tasks perfectly. These projects are usually related to website development, and they are more  simple in structure, suitable for entry-level developers. A special benefit of working on a real-life project is the fact that you are a part of an experienced Scrum team, practiced to work iteratively and progress more and more, as time passes. That has been very interesting and a completely new experience to me from the very beginning.

4. What are your favorite after-work activities and hobbies?

I believe that if you want to be highly successful at work, you have to be thoughtful about the way you spend your time outside the work too. A gym is a place where I clear my mind after work. I believe that a healthy mind and body help me to do my best at work, to create a work-life balance and to have positive outcomes in all my endeavors.

5. What do you love the most about Walter Code?

My greatest success is reflected in a fact that every morning I come to work with a smile on my face. It’s been a great and exciting experience working with smart and inspiring people and learning from the best mentors in such a relaxing and positive atmosphere. I met many amazing people, colleagues, and friends who helped me solve many challenges and build my future. I am looking forward to seeing what the future will bring. It was and still is a great journey for me, I enjoy every day spent within Walter Code.

6. How would you rate your progress during the internship?

This internship gave me the opportunity to learn things practically. There is no better way to learn something than being “thrown into the fire” and assigned to work on real project tasks, within a precise time-frame and specified definition of done. The dose of nervousness you can feel before forwarding the functionality to be tested is forcing you to demand perfection from yourself. So, finally, I can say that this internship helped me to grow from a very beginner to Junior Front End Programmer.