Looking for a concrete practice in your field? Walter Code was cooking something for you in the months behind us and here it is – Walter Code Internship. At Walter Code, students can explore and contribute to our collaborative, diverse culture. Whether you join us with a technical or commercial background – you can participate in projects and learn from experts within the business. This inspiring and dynamic work environment lets you gain the best first work experience.

Walter Code is looking for the next generation of smart thinkers, who can guide our business forward and help us build the best technology team in the industry. We are interested in all of you with a background in:

Each internship revolves around a defined project where your skills will make a valuable contribution to the team. The internships vary in length depending on the field you are engaged in, but are mainly 3 months long. During your internship you will gain hands-on experience, learn from your teammates, and have the opportunity to join in-house training on a wide range of topics. If successful, you may be offered a part-time or full-time employment after the internship.

Internship Structure

Personal Mentor

All interns will have their personal mentor with whom they are going to have “one on one” 30-minutes long educational sessions every day.

SCRUM Methodology

The internship program is designed to be implemented iteratively, therefore, in addition to these educational sessions, there will be some additional organizational events related to the Scrum methodology.

Daily Standups

Thereby, interns will also have daily standups – a short morning meeting intended for all team members to explain their progress.

Weekly Demos

Weekly demos – a presentation on what have been made during a previous week, specifying things that were done well and the things that should be improved and learned.


3 Months Long
Paid Internship
Personal Mentor
In-house Trainings
Gym Pass
Company Events