Interview Preparation: How to Prove You’re the Best Candidate for Walter Code Internship?

Interview Preparation: How to Prove You’re the Best Candidate for Walter Code Internship?

Date: November 16, 2020

Education is one of the main values of Walter Code, and for a long time so far, we have been thinking about how to brand our knowledge transfer system and invite more young people to join us on this journey. In the last five years, Walter Code has been nurturing internships as the best way of sharing professional knowledge, because we believe that practical experience and work on real-life projects is the best chance for learning. Recently, we came up with the idea to brand this system of professional practice and attract more people to work in our industry, not only as developers, but also as marketers, project managers, hiring managers, etc. 

In general, it is well-known that young people often do not have the opportunity to gain practical work experience after graduation, because the majority of companies are looking for people with a few years of working experience behind them. However, the simple question arises – how to gain experience? In a large extent, Walter Code has found a solution to this challenge through the creation of a student internship program.

During the Walter Code internship, students can explore a lot of possibilities through the specially designed mentoring program, gain hands-on experience and learn from a team of professionals. On top of everything, if one shows up to be a good fit for our culture and work organization, he/she may be offered a part-time or full-time employment after the internship. There are three positions currently open in the fields of Web Development, Marketing and Administration. Each internship revolves around a defined project where one’s skills can make a valuable contribution to the team, but what is the best way to apply and to become the team member? The answer to this question can be found below.


Today, more and more people are choosing software development as their future profession, believing that it is the job of the future and that it will bring them a great financial success. Most probably, it is true, but… is that enough for motivation? Very likely not! Often people think that they need to do something that is valued in the world, no matter whether they like it or not, forgetting that the principal thing that makes a person successful in their profession is actually PASSION. Yes, that is exactly what we are looking for among our candidates and what can only convince us that your path to a programmer is safe and definite. 

How can we recognize a passionate programmer during an interview? The real truth is that passionate developers are actually very innovative at the same time. Namely, if we ask this kind of person what his/her way of avoiding a certain challenge is, it is very likely that the person will suggest a solution that would never come to your mind but sounds very logical and simple at the same time. The programming brain works so that it always finds solutions that we didn’t even know they may exist, but make our everyday lives much easier. Therefore, young programmers read a lot about innovations, and are very well informed about the latest inventions from the world of technology. In addition to innovation, the developers are very prone to discover a lot by themselves, in addition to what they learned in school, so they are very unique and try to create their own ways to recognize the solution relying on logical thinking. Show these characteristics in your interview, along with some technical skills and you will certainly get the chance for the internship.


The number of software developers is increasing day by day, but also there is a growing demand for them, and that is why everyone has been talking about this profession lately. But, does anyone talk about how many marketers are actually needed? Each of the applications developed needs its someone who will start selling the application to its future users after the software is finished. Everyone needs marketing to be really successful, companies, events, organizations, movements and the like. Quality wins, but only if we have heard of it. Marketing is offered a lot, through emails, social networks, presentations … However, there are a lot of those who just advertise, but we create marketers who advertise and sell.

And what is it that we are seeking out in our future marketing interns? The answer is simple – we look for CREATIVITY and ANALYTICAL THINKING to be shown during the interview. We need creativity in creating content and analytical decision-making about what content we will create in the future. That is why we asked our candidates to make marketing proposal presentations so that we could see their creativity and ideas. Another feature, analytical skills will be able to be shown at the interview, and then, very possibly, through the internship work.


Administration is an important part of every business, so we decided to include one internship position in this field as well. As we mentioned earlier, an administration intern would be a person who would mainly deal with paperwork and some operational matters within the company such as preparation of HR documentation, contracts, reports, financial documentation and cooperation with our external accounting and legal institutions B&H.

Given all this, the ideal candidate for this position should show the following at the interview: ability to work independently, self-motivated, ability to prioritize and work on multiple projects simultaneously, time management, detailed-minded, teamwork, problem solving, dependability, and good organization.