Nikolina Nastic – Being a Female Structural Engineer in the IT Industry is Really Fabulous!

Nikolina Nastic – Being a Female Structural Engineer in the IT Industry is Really Fabulous!

Date: November 4, 2020

One of our most experienced female workers, Nikolina Nastic, has answered some of our questions about her experience as a Product Owner in the IT industry,  the role of structural engineer in the software development field and the position of women in IT. 

  1. What are your responsibilities at Walter Code and how long have you been working there?

    I have been working at Walter Code for three years so far. At first, I was working on the position of Scrum Master, and very quickly I was promoted to Product Owner on one of the biggest projects from our portfolio – a tool for Building Information Modeling.

  2. Describe a project you are engaged on and technologies/methodologies that you are using on it!

    The project I am working on is a desktop application and add in for Revit software. The whole development process of this project is organized based on the Scrum methodology. My job role primarily includes the creation and definition of new epics and features, preparation of tasks for software development, resolution of customer issues, backlog grooming, product presentations in front of potential buyers, etc.

  3. What are your favorite after-work activities and hobbies?

    In my free time, during the working week, I prefer long walks in nature the most, since I am a real nature lover and adore spending time in the fresh air. Therefore, I use my weekends for hiking on the surrounding mountains, especially during spring and autumn. I also spend a lot of time on fitness activities, as well as on reading books and novels.

  4. What do you love the most about the tech industry and how do you feel as a structural engineer in the IT field?

    During my studies at the Faculty of Structural Engineering in Sarajevo, I could not even imagine that it may be possible for me to end up in the IT industry, because at that time I considered those two professions completely unrelated. Today, as a Product Owner managing one of the greatest digital tools for construction, I see how much the IT profession is actually connected to all professions, depending on the type of application being developed. I think that the creation of one application requires a large number of software engineers, but also experts in the field the application is  being developed for. So, I actually love that blend of IT and construction the most, because I think it’s a path to innovation and a step forward for the structural industry that I primarily opted for.

  5. How would you describe the position of women in tech nowadays and what would you say about the newest IT Girls mentorship program you are currently engaged in?

    As from my experience, I would say that women in IT are really well accepted and recognized. On the top of all, a lot of software development companies are constantly seeking to achieve sustainable gender equality among their employees. The only thing that you need as a woman in this industry is to avoid prejudices and start learning and dedicating a lot of your time and exertion to become a real professional in the field. Organizations like IT Girls are very useful when it comes to this topic, because they are putting a lot of effort to give a push to young women and motivate them to start their careers in IT and to grow within it.