Our services

Agile methodology, advanced engineering and simple solutions is how we approach your business.

Business Analysis

We will work with you to learn more about your requirements and give you great advice that works with your budget.

Software Development

Work with our team to map out your product from design to delivery.

Quality Assurance

As engineers, we are attentive to detail and test everything for quality assurance.

Product Launch & Maintenance

Unique, efficient software that meets your specific demands and fits into your business seamlessly.

We create products and clear and intuitive solutions for the needs of your organization

As for the target audience, Walter Code is pitching established technological companies from all around Europe, working on the digitization of processes in numerous different industry fields. Walter Code’s clients are business entities that specialize in very perspective industries like architecture, mechanical, electrical and civil engineering as well as software development. Additionally, Walter Code is trying to reach promising talents from the whole local market in order to educate and motivate them and finally to make them grow with the company by recruiting them and including them into the demanding international projects.

Walter Code potential clients are looking for greater operational stability, better service quality, faster provision of new functionalities and compliance with security requirements, as well as greater agility and flexibility. Beside it, they seek cost reductions, standardization of processes and optimization of work being done. Walter Code future employees are looking for challenging projects, the latest knowledge from the industry, opportunity to grow, positive working environment, opportunity to work on their own ideas, recognition.

Our services

Custom Software Development

We create products and clear and intuitive solutions for the needs of your organization.

Mobile Development

For the industry on the go, our mobile development team will make all your business processes available at the tips of your fingers.

Quality Assurance

Quality takes time and effort and our team of QA experts is dedicated to your project through all of its development cycles.

UI and Front-End Development

Well-designed and intuitive solutions are no longer a thing of luxury. It’s important to us to make products our clients enjoy using.

Industries we work for

Our strategy is to constantly improve and innovate solutions to the industries and our clients, and this has been our brand for years. We develop, grow and integrate with our customers locally and globally.

Architecture and engineering




Retail and e-Commerce