How Do We Support Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry?

How Do We Support Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry?

Date: May 28, 2020

Technology is constantly developing and finding its new applications in the medical sector, even though the industry is still battling against the adoption of digital solutions. However, every year new applications are developed, since the difficulties confronting the healthcare services and pharmaceutical enterprises are expanding. Digitization, as a completely innovative and promising approach to the challenges present within the industry, holds vows to flip the traditional ways in which healthcare is managed and carried out, smoothing out procedures, decreasing costs, causing new business to open and improving human well-being in general.

Medicine is one of the basic disciplines that are necessary for human survival and it is very important that all its activities are brought to perfection. This is only possible by incorporating different digital technologies into the processes, making it easier and more efficient. Telemedicine, artificial intelligence AI-enabled medical devices, and blockchain electronic health records are just a few concrete examples of digital transformation in healthcare. The Internet of Things has opened a lot of opportunities in the healthcare industry by building smart connected-devices, systems, and things that are used by billions of users to leverage data and help them make more timely, specific, and contextualized decisions. Data collection is of the special importance for the progress in Medicine and Pharmacy, especially when talking about drug development and clinical diagnostics. Data speaks and it was especially evident during the Coronavirus pandemic.

At Walter Code, we are working on solutions that generally facilitate and improve the lives of people on Earth, including the healthcare apps as well. Recently, our developers have been working on a speech therapy blog forum, designed as a one-stop platform for people with speaking disabilities where they can come to socialize with each other, share experiences, news etc. This is a perfect way to create a community of people with the same problems and help them solve, not only their speaking problem, but also to think about their psychological condition and realize that they are not alone. Also, by exchanging the experience and thoughts on this forum, they are sharing a lot of data about their illness, so that if this data can be collected and analyzed for the purpose of finding a better solution for the challenges this group of patients is faced with.

Beside this one, we have also been working on the project related to radiotherapy and radiology. In other words, it is the comprehensive platform aimed to manage QA reports and data in radiotherapy and radiology institutions in order to boost efficiency and allow physicians to dedicate their time to other tasks in the dosimetry routine. This is a web based application that effectively monitors QA data from multiple sources, devices or sites and efficiently manages all QA data on one single platform. It also conveniently monitors QA tasks and documents and their results as required, in less time, while tracking changes over time to show when repair and/or maintenance action is needed. This app is a type of product that requires close collaboration between physicians and software and hardware engineers in order to help with actual medical processes that always need improvement, especially when it comes to a radiotherapy which implies oncology patients. With this in mind, we hope that we have contributed and will continue to help at least in one small part to this very important field of medicine.

Walter Code has also been developing the BI app for pharmaceutical companies, to see which drugs are sold the most, for what treatment, which people take it the most, their age, other diseases connected, contraindications etc. All these data are collected in one database, analyzed, and presented visually, based on the selected parameters. The application is designed with the aim of analyzing the health condition of people in a certain area. Furthermore, in this way, pharmaceutical companies can control the entire market and plan production, sales, and work on improving their drugs.

Finally, a lot of people think that a simple solution could be applied to all projects and be done without digging deeper into the topic. The truth is completely different. Working on a medical app development is not so far from working in the healthcare industry. In order to do something right, one must acquaint themselves with the business processes of the client and all of their uniqueness in order to provide the best solution for them. Whenever you’re making something public and when you have public users there’s a lot of security features to consider so it was very interesting to get a grasp of how a platform of such a scale works.